Free local delivery

PaloVerde Pharmacy knows that there are situations that make it necessary for us to deliver your medication to your home or business. We have dedicated delivery drivers to personally deliver your medication to you. Our delivery service can deliver your medications on the same day every
month, if needed.

If you are interested in our FREE delivery services please contact us by phone or contact form.


In the field of pharmacy, compounding is the preparation of a custom formulation of a medication to fit the unique need of a patient which cannot be met with commercially
available products.

PaloVerde Pharmacy can create custom medications to fit you, a loved one, or even your pets! Through compounding, we can create medications designed for a single patient.

Do you have a medication that is no longer available? Compounding hard-to-find medications is a real possibility..

Medication Flavoring

Active pharmaceutical ingredients that taste bitter and/or irritate the mouth and throat are unpleasant to children as well as many adults. The unpalatable flavor of the medicine can thwart the benefits of even the most powerful of drugs.
Failure to consume medication may do the child harm and can even be life-threatening. A distinctive solution to these issues is lavored medicine. Medicine doesn’t have to taste bad.

Many adults also may benefit from flavored medication. As people, age or battle a chronic illness, taste preferences can change.


We offer immunizations for everyone – from adults and seniors to teens going off to college. Stay protected with the CDC-recommended vaccines you need, administered by an immunization-trained pharmacist. Some of our vaccines include Shingles, Tetanus, Pneumonia, and more.

We also offer Flu Shots (Influenza) for our patients. The vaccine provides protection about 2 weeks after you receive it. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends getting vaccinated each flu season as soon as you can.

DME Equipment

With a variety of products ranging from wheelchairs and crutches to exam room tables and commodes, PaloVerde Pharmacy offers the right mix of medical equipment.

We often can order hard-to-find medical equipment if we do not have the item in stock. Feel free to stop by our pharmacy or give us a call for any DME equipment needed.

Private Consultation

Looking to improve your health, boost your immune system, and increase your energy level? Whether you’re struggling with weight loss, infertility, allergies or nutritional our counseling services offer the right solution to your specific problem. PaloVerde Pharmacy’s private consultation services are aimed to develop a personalized health plan individually tailored to meet your personal goals and needs.

Talk to our trained expert pharmacy staff who are here to help you make the right choice for your health.

Refills via Website 24/7

PaloVerde Pharmacy recently launched a website refill link for prescription refills! The website provides a quick and easy way for patients to order prescription refills via a quick refill form

Curbside Pickup

Our pharmacy offers free curbside pickup. Simply give us a call when you are in our parking lot and we will bring your medications directly to your car, safely.

Pharmacy Phone: 928-485-4315

Medication Packaging

Through our customized packaging service, you can easily manage and sort your medicine regimen. This means more than just enjoying convenience because you can be guided in taking the right medicine at the right time. Our packaging provides a great visual to see which medication has been taken and we work directly with your doctor for refills. Our packaging options all offer easy and frustration-free packaging for ease of use.